20K Mile / 2-Year Service

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Although service is not needed very often, when it comes time, taking care of your car is a must to ensure its longevity. Here at Mercedes-Benz we call your 20,000-mile or 2 year service, a Service B. We have the best technicians working on the best cars out there! Our Service B checks over all key aspects of your vehicle whether it be visually inspecting the condition of your axle ball joints or changing your oil, our experts will get the job done.

Required Service Work

  • Engine – oil and filter change
  • Check catch, safety catch and hinges on engine hood for proper operation
  • Check condition of poly-V-belt
  • Replace fuel filter (engine 642)
  • Clean water drain in air/water duct
  • AdBlue® evacuate and fill up (engine 642)
  • Reset maintenance service indicator in instrument cluster
  • Replace brake fluid
  • Replace combination or dust filter
  • Check thickness of brake pads, front and rear
  • Correct tire inflation pressure
  • Correct inflation pressure in spare tire (where applicable)
  • Leakage – Major components Check for chafe marks, line routing, damaged component
  • Check AdBlue® lines and components for leaks and damage (engine 642)
  • Visually inspect condition of front axle ball joints, rubber boots
  • Visually inspect condition of rear axle ball joints, rubber boots
  • Visually inspect condition of driveshaft flexible discs
  • Visually inspect condition of steering mechanical components, rubber boots
  • Visually inspect propeller shafts, universal joints and collapsible sections
  • Bolts attaching steering (check/ tighten
  • Joint housing of AWD front axle – inspect grease packing and correct

Check the following fluid levels, correct if necessary (recommended)

  • Check coolant level
  • Brake System
  • Power steering
  • Windshield washer system

Function Check (recommended)

  • Check parking brake (function test only)
  • Check Electric-hydraulic brake system hydraulic unit

Electrical System Checks (recommended)

  • Horn, high beam flasher, hazard warning flasher, turn signals
  • Warning/indicator lamps, illumination and interior lighting/ exterior lighting
  • Check trunk/cargo area lighting
  • Check and correct headlamp setting
  • Battery (main/starter/auxiliary) check condition using “Midtronics MCR 717” tester

Tire Check (recommended)

  • Tire Rotation (Where applicable)
  • Inspect tires for damage, measure tread depth
  • Check TIREFIT sealant expiration date
  • Activate tire pressure monitoring system

Chassis Check (recommended)

  • Visually check brake system components, lines, hoses, calipers
  • Check thickness of brake pads and disks, front and rear wheels removed
  • Chassis and load-bearing body components: Check for damage and corrosion

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*Price advertised for Service A/Service B includes all factory-required components. Please refer to your maintenance booklet for the complete list of factory-required services and details on the specific intervals for your vehicle’s year and model. Valid MY09-newer.